❝Perhaps I will know what it feels like to have someone actually fall in love with me. But, perhaps, only such thoughts exist in the safe confinements of my mind. If so, please just allow me to sleep; to dream of such times untold.❞

Piano Forte

Fingertips resting gently
on white keys.
Surrounded in silence.
One moment,
silence weighs down;
so heavy on shoulders.

Coolness of an instrument’s fingers
pressed against mine.
Eyes turned from a glistening black mirror
and paper sheets laid on a music rack;
eyes glance beside me.
A fleeting instant,
visualization of your presence
residing beside me, hands placed
on white keys in turn
waiting to play your part,
to a song we wrote…

The things I dream about….

- Karen Isabella

No matter,
how broken
your heart is,
I would still
want to have it.

I would still like to:    

mend it,
look after it,
hold it,
care for it,
love it,
and protect it.

-Karen Isabella


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❝I abruptly fell off the edge of reality and into a most wondrous dream when I met you. No, I did not expect you to catch me. After all, I fell unexpectedly in love with you. The truth is, I just hoped you would be there to mend me after the fall…❞
❝If I could have one gift from you, it would be to have a never-ending dance with you. Nothing can possibly compare to being embraced in your arms and stepping in mirrored rhythm to an enchanting melody.❞

Let me just have one dance with you….just one.

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